The Wisconsin Slovak Historical Society was founded in 1980 by a small group concerned that the descendants of Slovak immigrants were being assimilated so successfully that they risked losing all knowledge of their Slovak culture and traditions. Currently, we have over 500 members, some scattered throughout the United States but most concentrated in southeastern Wisconsin -- with most of the members residing in Milwaukee and its suburbs and in smaller cities such as Cudahy, Racine and Kenosha, south of Milwaukee. We are proud to be affiliated with the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Current Board Members (2023-24)

President: Lynn Staskiewicz

Vice President, Membership: Nick Staskiewicz
Vice President, Research: open
Vice President, Activities: open

Director, 3 years: Kim Gregor
Director, 2 years: Frank Brindza
Director, 1 year: Sue Sheard

Secretary: Alesia Staskiewicz
Treasurer: Carl Micech

Museum Curators: Karen Jurik and Suzanne Sheard

Quarterly Magazine Editor: Juro Kusnir

Spiritual Advisor: Deacon Gerald Ponec

Webmaster/Social Media: Alesia Staskiewicz / Lynn Staskiewicz

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